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What is a spray tan?

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a colourless sugar and the active ingredient in the guide coloured solution that will be sprayed onto your skin.  Applied using a specialist low pressure spraying machine.  The DHA in the solution interacts with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of your skin to produce a natural olive colour.  The colour you see at the time of your treatment is purely a guide colour for me to see that your skin is evenly covered.  Your actual tan will have developed and will be revealed after you shower.

Is it Safe?

Yes, very safe.  A Sienna X tan can give the same results as spending 10-14 days in the sun, but without the harmful effects of UV exposure.  DHA has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in the personal are industry for over 30 years and no adverse affects have been reported other than minor skin irritations. Allergic reactions are extremely rare.  However, if you have experienced allergic reactions to self-tanning or other beauty products please arrange a skin patch test first with me.

I'm pregnant can I still use Sienna X products?

Absolutely, pregnant ladies can use tanning products, but we always recommend avoiding the use of fake tan during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is only because the first trimester is such a crucial time for the development of the child that we wouldn’t want to introduce any new products at all to the skin.

What will happen before, during and after my treatment?

  • On your first tanning treatment, I will ask you a number of questions and a consultation card will be completed.
  • You will then undress to your chosen dark underwear and remove jewellery.
  • Barrier cream will be applied to your hands, elbows, knees, feet and other dry areas to reduce tan absorption.
  • Simply follow my instructions, spraying will take around 10 minutes.
  • The guide colour you will see will be showered off after your development time of up to 8 hours to reveal your natural        looking tan.

How do I prepare for my sunless tan?
Regular exfoliation and moisturising will improve your overall skin health, making tan prep a doodle.  Remove unwanted hair 24 hours before your tan and exfoliate well.  Don't use any products on your skin on the day of your tan.  

How dark will I get?
Your tan results will depend on how well you tan naturally.  The darker you tan in the sun, the darker you tan with Sienna X.  Many people like to have a custom tan, so it's lighter in the winter months, darker in the summer.  A double exposure treatment (i.e. if you have a second tanning treatment within 48 hours of your first appointment) will help you go darker with superior results.

How long will my sunless tan last?
Your tan will last approximately 7 days depending on your daily skincare regime, lifestyle and if you have exfoliated well prior to your tan.  A sunless tan fades just like a tan from the sun - so as your skin sheds dead cells, your tan will fade.  It is really important to moisturise daily with an oil free moisturiser. 

Will I still need to use sun protection?
Yes, we recommend you use a sunscreen with a high SPF.  Look for a formula which is oil free to prevent your tan from stripping.

Will my wedding dress get stained?
The rule of thumb is to wear your dress after 2 showers. We always suggest you purchase the wedding package as this gives you trial tans so you know which shade you prefer on your magical day. A tip is to dust talc powder onto skin under dress.

How long will the tan last?

Your tan will last between 5 and 7 days depending on your daily skincare regime and lifestyle. A sunless tan, just like a natural tan from the sun, fades as your skin sheds its dead cells. The more you look after your tan, the longer it will last and the better the fade-off will be.

Our gorgeous, award-winning Gradual Glowing Self Tan is a DHA rich moisturiser, which will help maximise the longevity of your tan by adding moisture and adding extra colour. For more information on prolonging your tan,

Payment should be made over the phone via debit card or via paypal once booking confirmed.  

Cancellation must be made 24 hours before treatment time.  Let us know by text on 07900 885096
I do not offer refunds.  If you need to cancel and cannot make another appointment then I am happy to credit you with a gift card for future use.  

I need to re arrange my appointment
We ask that you give 24hrs notice of any change so someone else can book your slot . Please text us with your preferred days and times to 07900 885096 and we will do our best to change this for you.

Consult me if you...
  • are in your first trimester of pregnancy
  • have had an allergic reaction to tanning or any other skin care products
  • are asthmatic or if you have breathing difficulties

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me at