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Prickly Pear Facial Oil

"If it doesn't feed your skin then don't use it"

Julia Marrison, The Beauty Lady

My Prickly Pear Facial Oil was selfishly designed for myself. At 40 yrs old I went through early menopause not really knowing what was going to happen to my skin's appearance.

Not having dry skin, I wondered why my moisturisers didn't seem to be doing their job anymore.  My skin was really thirsty thus resulting in having  stretched pores.  I then got to work researching and developing.   I made a formula and used it everyday for around 8 months and never looked back.  Soon after getting the product certified by a UK toxicologist ready to sell.

If I have to describe the facial oil, I would say to you, its a power packed oil, light and quick absorbing, with high concentrations of expensive oils that work.  It will leave your skin hydrated, smooth and so soft. Even my Mum can use this and she has rosacea and very sensitive skin.  I would always recommend new customers purchasing a try me size bottle first.

As I make each bottle by hand you can be rest assured that this product really is made with love for you.  Orders for the oil can take around 7 days to be dispatched, so order plenty so you don't run out.

CONTAINS: NO artificial colours, fragrances, mineral oil or artificial preservatives.

"You can tell when a product is good once you stop using it"

Julia Marrison, The Beauty Lady